Visit Weekend 2019

Welcome to newly admitted students for Fall 2019! GAME and the Mechanical Engineering department are excited to host your visit to MIT from March 13th to the 16th. Here you will find some useful links (like how to get around!) that will help you make the most of your visit here.

Key Visit Weekend Resources

  1. MIT Campus Map and Itinerary
    1. Map and building search:
    2. Itinerary for the visit
  2. Good Places around MIT for Restaurants, Cafes for Lunch, Dinner, Studying, etc.
    1. Lunch at MIT
      1. Steam Cafe (4th Floor, building 7)
      2. Forbes Family Cafe (Stata Center)
      3. Student Center 1st and 2nd floor
    2. Near 77 Mass Ave
      1. Flour: sandwiches, coffee, limited seating
      2. Darwin: sandwiches, coffee, decent seating
    3. ​Lunch, Dinner
      1. Saloniki: Greek food
      2. Oath: nice quality flatbread pizzas
  3. Questions to Ask Potential Advisor / Students in Potential Labs (either now or before accepting an offer)
    1. Possible Questions to Ask When Visiting a Graduate School - Utah Chemistry Dept.
    2. Top 10 questions for your potential PhD adviser/group - Caltech Quantum Information and Matter
    3. 39 questions to ask grad students during your grad school interviews
    4. Questions to Ask When Choosing A Graduate School -Harvard Math and Science
    5. Some Important Things Most Students Never ask about Graduate School - Ron, Chandler, illustrations by Jorge Cham (PhD Comics). A slightly longer read, but well worth it
  4. Cost of Living Info
  5. Graduate Housing Webpage