Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Qualifying Exams

Please consider the information presented here and in the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Guide before considering information presented on other websites.

Guidelines and Formats

The department distributes an updated list of Quals guidelines and formats before each exam. The most recent update is for the January 2021 exam: 

Qualifying Exam: Guidelines and Formats

A Guide to Quals

Former grad student Kate Thompson prepared her own unofficial guide to the qualifying exams. Many details are for the old format of quals, but lots of the tips are useful nonetheless

Our Quals Seminar Chair also puts together a  biannual guide to quals (MIT certificates required).

Feeling frustrated about the format of quals? Former GAME president Lee Weinstein wrote a blog post about why our quals' format should be appreciated, and hopefully it can change your attitude

Life After Quals: The PhD Program

While it may not seem so important right now, take note for later---once you pass your Quals, what's next? Good places to start: Presentation by Professor Dave Hardt (slides)

Study Material

Previous quals exams are available here to help students prepare for quals (MIT certificates are required to access the exams)